Sponsorship Opportunities 

Want your brand to be seen by thousands of people?
Need local and national advertising opportunities?
With Prime Wrestling we offer sponsorship opportunities for all businesses. 
Add your company to posters and flyers to be seen around your local city
How about your logo on our wrestling ring and be seen by hundreds of potential customer locally and be seen around the UK on our Televised events, Broadcast on Freeview, Amazon Fire TV, Apple and Samsung TV plus many more media outlets
Check out our annual (12 Live Events / 26 Televised events) Sponsorship Packages below!!


The Cruiserweight Package 

  • Logo added to 100's posters per month

  • 1/2 Page Flyer Complete with Designer

  • Social Media Shout outs and Tags
    Price £10 PM 

  • The Tag Team  Package 

  • Cruiserweight Package 

  • Logo Added to Entry Wrist Bands

  • Logo Added to Wrestling Ring Apron to be Seen by our Live Crowd and TV Audience 
    Price from £20 pm 


  • The Championship  Package 

  • Cruiserweight Package and Tag Team Package 

  •  Logo Added to Corner Pads to be seen by our live crowd and TV Audience 

  • Multiple Scrolling Advert on our TV Broadcast with promotional shout out.
    Price from £30 pm 


  • The Hall of Fame  Package 

  • All Packages included  

  • 30 Seconds TV Advert 
    Price from £40 pm 

    Minimum Terms Apply 

Interested? Get in touch below or email info@primewrestling.co.uk

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